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Organizations are forced to make trade-offs between data generation, analytics, and decision making to help their bottom line.

CBio believes the cost of data shouldn't compromise decision making and we’ve done something about it.


CBio combines novel separation science, portable microcopy, machine learning, and IoT cloud connectivity to bring unparalleled analytics to groups studying cell and microbial behavior for decision making.


Our flagship product, cellPhoresis®, enables non-destructive and rapid high resolution nanoscale bioAnalysis. Sounds like useless jargon, but this is cellPhoresis® in action:

  • Field Based Infrastructure Management for Microbial Induced Corrosion

  • Non-Destructive Assessment of Vaccine Viability

  • Quality Testing of Microbial Ingredients for Food and Beverage (Yeast, Bacteria) to Predict Spoilage and Prevent Waste

At CBio, we sell single time use reference testing kits and analytical instruments to our customers. CBio leverages our propriety hardware solution to greatly reduce the costs associated with data generation. 


For example existing (and costly) tools like genetic sequencing, PCR, and protein analysis help fuel a $5B+ industrial microbiology testing market. Industrial plants (Big Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Big Pharma) use these techniques to monitor microbial activity for infrastructure risk assessment, environmental hazards, and product quality. Our solution enables us to capture some of this large and growing market while helping our delighted customers realize greater profits.

CBio’s proprietary microfluidics solution, cellPhoresis®, enables accurate, real-time, predictable, and point of site testing of biological samples. cellPhoresis® provides non-destructive and high resolution assessment of genetic and proteomic differences in microorganisms, plant cells, and mammalian cells.


We Reduce the Cost of Generating Data

Data + Analytics = Better Outcomes and Greater Profit 


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