CBio at the CDW 2018

The Scintillon Institute hosted its annual Cytometry Development Workshop last week (November 7 - 10) in San Diego, CA. Researchers from corporate and university labs, along with industry leaders directly involved in the development of new technologies, met at the iconic La Jolla Shores Hotel to discuss the latest updates in the world of cell analysis.

CBio showcased its 1st generation product during the symposium on November 8th. Attendants saw Vision™ - a multifunctional live cell analysis tool - for the first time, and they were amazed at how portable and easy-to-use the product is. “I grew up, education-wise, in the world of live cell cytometry. We are excited to help bridge the worlds of flow cytometry and electrokinetics driven microfluidics. There are many advantages to combining cell separation methods to solve big challenges.”, said David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio.

CBio also presented its cell sorting technology - cellPhoresis™ - in 2 talks titled Harnessing the Electrokinetic Mobility Ratio as means for label free flow cytometry. The presentations explained CBio’s orthogonal separation method, that is complimentary to existing and soon-to-come labeling strategies that add specificity to biomolecule analysis.

Researchers from Arizona State University and University of California Irvine have used this separation technique to sort bacterial, viral, and mammalian cells. What type of biomolecule do you want to sort? Request a demo now!