CBio presents at Magnify Mixer

CBio joined the monthly Magnify Mixer at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) to give an overview of the technology the company is about to commercialize. David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio, presented the business opportunity followed by a Q&A session and networking.

David Charlot, PhD, speaks at CNSI

The event also had Vijay Dhaka, Chief Business Officer at Swift Health Systems Inc, sharing his insights on “Founders role when building a team for scale.”

CBio is part of Magnify - CNSI’s incubator - since last June, and it’s building its disruptive live cell analysis platform at CNSI.

About CBio

CBio is a life science tools company equipping researchers and clinicians with tools to help them identify predictive signatures of disease. Our proprietary cellPhoresis™ platform enables the study of living cells. Our technology identifies subtle differences between Normal and Abnormal living cells, preserves function, and retains usability for further study.

About CNSI

The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) is a hub of interdisciplinary research, translation, and education where scientists from diverse fields find common purpose in addressing grand challenges of the 21st century. With locations at the University of California’s Los Angeles and Santa Barbara campuses, the CNSI leverages public and private investment to drive collaborative nanoscience research across disciplines, translates discoveries into knowledge-driven commercial enterprises, and educates the next generation of scientists and engineers.