CBio wins IGNITE22 Challenge Pitch

David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio

San Pedro, CA - CBio pitched its clean tech solution during the IGNITE22 Challenge Pitch last Thursday, April 11 at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles. David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio, presented cellPhoresis® - a solution to improve bioremediation amongst other applications.

cellPhoresis® is a technology that rapidly, non-destructively, and accurately measures cell engineering performance. With cellPhoresis®, companies will be able to bring consistent bioproducts to market, get to market faster, and enjoy profits currently lost to trial and error manufacturing.

The event, hosted by Braid Theory, had entrepreneur teams, investors, sponsors, judges and VIP guests that selected CBio as the winner of the IGNITE22 Challenge. In addition to a prize package, CBio will exhibit at the IGNITE22 Global Tech Showcase in November 2019.

CBio at Ignite22 presenting cellPhoresis

About CBio

CBio is a hardware solutions company helping customers solve complex challenges in cell bioproduction. Our hardware helps customers save time, money, and bring better products to market.

About Braid Theory

Braid theory weaves together entrepreneurs, industry influencers and corporate partners to accelerate adoption of transformative technology, drive market growth and create profitable collaborations.