cellPhoresis™ meets Water Tech

CBio presented at Water Tech Demo Day, an event that gathered startups, utilities and public agency sector engineers, operations managers, and municipal decision makers from LA County. The event took place at the Los Angeles Department of Public Works headquarters in Alhambra, CA.

David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio | cellPhoresis | live cell analysis

David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio, showcased CBio’s novel high resolution separation technology, cellPhoresis™. He said that “…the goal is to learn about the gaps in existing water sample testing equipment and showcase the benefits gained from adopting our analysis platform. It is very important for startups to learn more about true market need. I was delighted to hear from city officials and field engineers the impact our technology solution will bring to their needs in beach and storm run-off water testing”.

cellPhoresis™ - a precision biomolecule sorter - provides high resolution, label free separation of cells, including algae, bacteria, and fungus. “There’s a huge need for rapid bacteria identification in the water quality testing. We are confident our platform can support the current and developing initiatives in CleanTech to enhance intel gathered from water. Public works engineers and officials will use cellPhoresis™ to make better decisions” said Messias Soares, VP of Product Marketing at CBio.

Water Tech Demo Day was hosted and produced by the County of Los Angeles, Braid Theory, and the National Association for Black Veterans.

About CBio

CBio is a hardware company leveraging machine vision and our proprietary cell analysis platform to accelerate solutions in AgTech, BioTech, CleanTech, and Defense. Our technology helps researchers studying live cells make better decisions. We manufacture and sell our Vision™ and cellPhoresis™ device and delight our customers by removing their cell analysis bottlenecks.