cellPhoresis™ poster exhibited at the Microfluidics World Congress

Researchers and industry leaders from all over the world met in Coronado Island, California this week to discuss new trends in cell analysis, point of care and global health at the Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics World Congress 2018. The event addressed applications from life science research, to taking diagnostics to the point-of-care/point-of-need and body-on-a-chip/organs-on-a-chip.

CBio exhibited its poster showcasing the study that Dr. Mark Hayes, Chairman of CBio’s Scientific Advisory Board, has conducted at his lab at Arizona State University. Entitled cellPhoresis™ - Where ImmunoAssay based Flow Cytometry can’t go. A novel electric field based cell sorting approach, the poster reported the utilization of the non-destructive, label-free technique CBio is commercializing.

“It’s really important to demonstrate we have a proven technology that enables industry to move faster” says Messias Soares, VP of Product Marketing of CBio, adding that “distinguished researchers and companies see the value we add to numerous applications. It’s great to have our customers see where our product can go”.