Dr. Charlot running for Councilor at AES

David Charlot, PhD, CEO of CBio, is a candidate for Councilor at the AES Electrophoresis Society. AES Electrophoresis Society is a unique, non-profit, international organization founded to advance and promote electric field-mediated separations, manipulations, and related phenomena.

CBio is one of the most outstanding companies in the field of electric field-based technology. Its platform - cellPhoresis™ - harnesses the electrokinetic mobility ratio (EKMR) of live cells to provide this unparalleled powerful cell analysis. Electrophoretic technologies play a central role in scientific investigations in clinical, basic, and applied disciplines from life sciences through chemistry and physics to engineering. The AES Electrophoresis Society is dedicated to the development and refinement of electrokinetic and related technologies.

David would like to become a Councilor for AES to help expand the industry focus of the society. With his participation, he would like to create an industry and startup ecosystem that will foster collaboration and bring sponsorship to the society. He would like to create workshops and a startup competition that allows interested participants to win prizes and learn how to take their work from idea to the marketplace. David believes this will enhance the prestige of the AES Society by showcasing the caliber of technology members are working on. It will also allow an opportunity to train undergraduate and graduate students interested in leveraging their education in industry beyond becoming technical employees of large organizations. He would also like to create a forum where the past efforts of companies that have pioneered and worked to commercialize electrokinetics technology can be recognized. This will enable the AES Society to create focused challenges or calls to action that better inform members of the types of work industry and society needs.

AES members will vote for two new councilor positions. The ballot system will be active until midnight on February 21.